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There are very few people in the world as genuine as Devin Vos. I am blessed to not only work with him, but call him a true friend. They don't make them any better than Devin.

Brian T


Creating "Raving Fans" Since 2006


Thomas Title Rocks! The preliminary title report was delivered in no time and the team was very responsive. Thank you for taking great care of me!

Jodi V.


Delivered WOW Through Service


Devin and his team are amazing! If you want outstanding service please reach out to him. He will take care of you.

Deb K.


Creating "Raving Fans" Since 2006


If you need someone in real estate/title industry that you can rely on, trust, and know will always have your back, call Devin Vos!

Stephanie G.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Thomas Title & Escrow is an agent for multiple underwriters. How is an insurance agent different from an insurance underwriter?


As an independent agent, we issue title insurance policies underwritten by national title insurance underwriters and the ultimate risk of loss is borne by the title insurance underwriter, not the issuing agent. In most jurisdictions, insurance underwriters issue their own title insurance policies in direct competition with their authorized agents. Our relationship with multiple national underwriters gives us the ability to provide clients with greater underwriting flexibility than any single title insurance underwriter could by itself. Title insurance premiums are the same whether you purchase through an independent agent or purchase directly from an underwriter.

What is the difference between homeowner’s coverage, standard coverage and extended coverage?


While policy types may differ by state, homeowner’s coverage is only available for residential transactions. Standard coverage provides coverage, among other things, for title defects that would be found in a search of the public records. Extended coverage provides standard coverage protections plus coverage for matters that would not be found in search of the public records. For example, defects discovered by inspection, problems uncovered by a survey and rights of certain parties that may be in possession of the subject property would be covered by an extended policy but not by a standard policy. Extended coverage is generally required by a lender for any transaction that involves lender financing. In Texas, there is only one type of policy available.

How can I obtain a quote for title and/or escrow fees?


Send an email to with the following information:

  1. Type of transaction (purchase or refinance; commercial or residential)
  2. Purchase price and/or loan amount
  3. Type of coverage (extended vs. standard, where applicable)
  4. Type of policy (owners policy or lenders policy) and
  5. Your contact information.
How can I place an order for title and escrow services?


Send an email to with the following information:

  1. The legal description(s) or parcel number(s) of the property to be researched/insured
  2. For a purchase, include the name of the parties buying and selling the property and the purchase price
  3. For a refinance, include the name of the borrower, the lending institution and the loan amount and
  4. Your contact information.

More Reviews

Delivered WOW Through Service


The Thomas Title escrow team is fantastic. I've been extremely pleased with Carla Senteno's responsiveness and helpfulness. Kailyn Lugo and Georgette Khoury have been very helpful too. So far, I've truley enjoyed working with Thomas Title and I'm excited to continue the relationship

Katrina Q.


In The Business Of Making Clients Happy


Working with Pam McConlogue has been a blessing. She is so on top of things it makes my job easier. I needed customized buyer guides, I got them, I needed a conference room, I got it. I needed a courier sent, got that too. Great people, great company!

Eric S.


Delivered WOW Through Service


Devin you're the bomb. I appreciate it all so much! I've enjoyed working with Carla Senteno, also. She is super helpful!

Bryan P.


Creating "Raving Fans" Since 2006


You are amazing and great to work with! I am glad we both could tag team and get it done! Thank you so much for all your help! Calling agents and sellers... you are awesome! Not a lot of escrow offices would do that let mne tell ya! So, again, thank you for going above and beyond!

Irene F.


In The Business Of Making Clients Happy


Thomas Title is an exceptional company! Rachel Tarman is an incredible Title Rep, who is dedicated to her clients and relationships. She is always connecting with individuals and volunteering her time to help other. Devin provides his team with a phenomenal wealth of knowledge and training. The escrow offices are quick to communicate and very informative. I have nothing but POSITIVE things to say about this company and the team!

Paige W