We are committed to deliberate and careful growth. While many firms have pursued an aggressive policy of expansion in boom times, only to cut back as cycles turned, we focus on maintaining a steady course. We are engaged in actively recruiting team members who meet our qualifications. We are looking for talented professionals to join us for the long term – people who have a record of outstanding achievement and client service.

We prize independent thinking and creativity in our team members.  Although our firm continues to grow rapidly, we value a small-business structure designed to create an engaging, high-energy atmosphere.  We are committed to providing our team members with the necessary support and technology to allow for the delivery of our services at the highest and most responsive level. Our computers and systems infrastructure supports remote access – not only from home, but on a worldwide basis – to all of the information resources of the firm.

As a growing company, we are consistently looking for professionals who will add value to our team.  If you feel you possess the qualities we are looking for, please fill out the form below.  All inquiries will be handled with the utmost confidentiality.


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